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We have some grrreat roles that we're on a bear hunt to fill. Please take the time to read the job specs below and if they sound like you, we'd love to hear from you.

International Brand Manager

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Senior Creative

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Get little paws outdoors

BEAR’s working with The Wildlife Trusts to help get little paws outdoors.

Find BEAR’s Outdoor Alphabet cards inside new boxes of Paws and help get little cubs back to nature!

Each Alphabet cards has a fun outdoor activity for cubs to enjoy. There are 3 cards to be found in every box of Paws.

Claws in National Geographic Kids

In April, BEAR teamed up with National Geographic Kids for a clawsome veg-Monster competition!

Cubs made their own veg-monster for the chance to win some grrreat prizes including BEAR’s new 100% fruit & veg Claws.

BEAR received bundles of monstrously magnificent competition entries and he picked some BEARilliant winners!

Claws at Wholefoods

If you go down to the Wholefoods woods today you’ll be in for a big fruit & veg surprise!

In April, we celebrated the launch of our new fruit and veg Claws with this grrreat big veggie display at Wholefoods in Kensington.

Our new Claws are 100% fruit & veg with no added sugar or concentrates. They are made with 1/3 veg and count for 1 of your 5 a day.

BEAR Claws are cut into fun monster shapes so that cubs make their own monsters!

Sorry from BEAR

“We have realised that one of our cards in our time travel set (Mary Kingsley) has caused hurt, and we are deeply sorry for this.

We really wanted to create a set of cards that made history accessible to children, presenting a broad spectrum of events. With history dominated by male characters, we felt it was really important to bring some strong female characters through, and Mary Kingsley’s time with the Fang Tribe was widely documented as a real mark of her bravery as a pioneering explorer.

We have gotten this card wrong and caused offense in a way that we never intended, and are very sorry for this. We took the cards out of circulation, changed it as soon as we got feedback (see photo below), and changed our packaging. We really appreciate the feedback that we have been given, and thank people for the time that they have taken in talking to us about this."