Frequently asked Questions

What age group can enjoy BEAR products?

Our BEAR snacks and cereal can be enjoyed by cubs from 12 months+. We recommend that all children are supervised by a grown up when consuming any food or drink.

How can I find out about allergies?

Our Yoyos, Paws & Claws are 100% pure fruit & veg with absolutely no added nonsense. Our products therefore contain no nuts, dairy, soya, wheat, egg or legumes whatsoever. They’re also packed in a packing house where there is no cross-contamination with nuts, dairy, soya, wheat, egg or legumes.

Our crunchy Alphabites cereal contains just barley, oats, corn, rice, wheat & coconut blossom nectar. There are no nuts, soya, dairy or legumes within the recipe however they may contain traces of milk and soy due to other products made in the same facility. They’re packed in a packing house where there is no cross-contamination with nuts, egg or legumes.

What is coconut blossom nectar?

It took BEAR years to find the perfect recipe for Alphabites because we were determined to avoid using refined sugar and some of the other nasties commonly found in Kids' cereal. Our belief is that food needs to taste good AND provide goodness at the same time. That’s why we picked coconut blossom nectar- because it contains more than twice the calcium found in milk and more than twice the potassium found in bananas. It is also unrefined and literally collected raw in pots from a tree twice a day by our small team of farmers. Most importantly our coconut blossom nectar has low GI of 35 which is about the same as a carrot.

What is ‘leafy green veg’ extract?

Our leafy greens come from veg like spinach, kale and chards. These are primarily used for colour so feature only in small quantities.

Do BEAR products contain any Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)?

Our ingredients are really simple, exactly what you see printed on our packaging is what's inside (it's not our style to hide anything, or be sneaky). We set up BEAR to make simpler, tastier foods from grrreat ingredients and with no added nonsense, so you can be rest assured that there are absolutely no GMOs in any BEAR products.

What are the current BEAR card collections?

For 2016, you can join BEAR’s Time Travel adventure! Collect all 80 time travel cards + 20 sparkly future cards in Yoyos and Alphabites. There is 1 card in each Yoyo packet & 4 cards in each box of Alphabites.

You can also find BEAR’s Outdoor Alphabet cards in boxes of Paws. There are 3 cards in each box and 26 in total to collect.

I am looking for a specific BEAR card, is there any other way to get my paws on cards?

Our current card collections will continue until the end of the year, so there is still time if you’re trying to complete your set!

If you’re looking for a card from a current or previous collection, a grown up can check our Facebook page where many fans and collectors often swap cards. You can find the link to Facebook in the ‘Talk to BEAR’ section of our website.

You can also email us at - the only cards we have at the Big Cave are those left over from our own Yoyos, Alphabites & Paws munching so we may not have what you’re looking for. That said, we’re more than happy to have a forage in case we can help.

What is the current BEAR reward and how can I get my paws on one?

BEAR’s reward for 2016 is the Time Travel pastport!

To receive a pastport, please send a total of 10 ‘bearcodes’, along with a note including your name & return cave address to BEAR’s Time Cave, PO Box 73589, London SE1P 5FP

Your 10 ‘bearcodes’ can be collected from the back of 10 Yoyos packets, from the back of 2 Alphabites boxes or 5 Yoyos packs & 1 Alphabites box. For more information, please see:

How long does it take to receive my reward?

Our busy postbears are beavering away to send out pastports as quickly as their little paws will allow! They usually manage to deliver pastports within 3 weeks of receiving ‘bearcodes’, so paws crossed it will arrive to your cave shortly.

If you’ve been waiting longer than 3 weeks to receive your pastport, please give us a growl to so we can chase those pesky postbears for you.

I have a question, comment, praise or complaint to make about a product, how do I get in touch?

Please give us a growl to and one of our cubs will get back to you ASAP. For others ways to talk to BEAR, click here.